Hosting: Ninja Hosting Peru

It is a company composed by enterprising young people.

It in the middle of offers services the price that the rest of the lodging companies Web hosting.
In his in its Web they indicate that they developed its own solutions and with new techniques they can make faster the webpages.

Its cheaper Plan is NINJA with a value of s,39 annual + IGV offers 2 GB total space, 5 weekly accounts of post office, endorsements, Monthly transference 2 GB and includes Softaculus.
The most expensive plan is SAMURAI. It has a value of annual s,99 + IGV, with 15 GB total space, 25 accounts of post office, 10 weekly data bases, endorsements, limitless transference and also it includes Softaculus.

The best prices of the market. Nobody offers the quality on watch to these prices.
You do not pay by things that you are not going to use.

The best price of the indicutido market.
Space very well in all our plans.
We optimize all our servers.
Servers in Peru.

Note of users 9,1
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