Hosting: WpPeru

It is a Peruvian company with eight years offering in the market of hosting and registry of domains.

Their servers are in center of data NAC, in the United States

They offer Hosting Linux PHP and Hosting Windows ASP.NET, registry of domains .com .net .org and registry of Peruvian domains .pe .com .pe; Virtual servers VPS Linux and Virtual servers VPS Windows, among others.

Its annual basic Web hosting more cheap has a price of S/40.00, with disc space of 50 Megabyte, two limitless accounts of email and sub-domains.

It has a Premium Professional plan of S/400.00 annual. With disc space 4000 Megabyte and a bandwidth of 30 GB and with 50 accounts of email.

Its more expensive plan of hosting is the Corporative Enterprise Hosting, that has a price of annual S/750

With disc space 20000 Megabyte and a bandwidth of 200 GB and limitless accounts of email.

In his Web it does not indicate to the schedules of attention nor the direction of his offices.

• It has an area of clients, with support in line through chat, telephone, email and ticket.

Note of users 6,5
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