Hosting: NetSolution

It is a Peruvian company with 10 years of experience and 15,000 clients.

In its webpage they indicate that its Data to center is located in Dallas and Houston, in the United States, and also counts on suppliers of Internet of that country. They explain that its infrastructure of YOU is planned and designed to support a sustainable growth in the time and with professionals highly described.

They offer plans Web Hosting from: $ 10.90/anual, with limitless limitless account, data base of email, domain free and constructor of Web free.

It has hosting advanced of s 29,89 to the year, with space of 1000 Megabyte, monthly transference of 10 GB, 30 accounts of mail and constructor of webpages. And they also have a Professional Hosting of 50,49 s /a no; with registry of domain free, space of 2000 Megabyte; monthly transference of 20 GB and 60 accounts of mail and a constructor of pages Webs.

• Its technical support is realised through e-mails, tickets, chat in line and telephone.
• Its support offers through chat and telephone, but it does not indicate to the attention schedule nor either the direction of his offices.

Note of users 6,5
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