Hosting: Dehosting Peru

We are the first company of hosting completely free in Peru. Our services of lodging in Internet are designed especially so that you begin to create your projects online with your own website and your corporative accounts with the best tools and support.
Our servers are compatible with all the navigators and work in different platforms without problems.
With our Plan you can have your own webpage, using an own domain and corporative accounts of mail
We offer services of hosting without publicity thanks to the fact that our gains come from the growth of our clients and the necessity to realise upgrade in their plan of hosting when they already have the size sufficient to take the step.

100% Administrable one.
Only with plan of hosting really free in Peru.
Without publicity, without requirements and commitments.

Compatibility with PC and any movable device.
Immediate activation.
Lodging Web created for Small Undertakings.


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